For the first time we really had the Australian experience, you know, the one all the tourists want. We went to Bec and Wall’s wedding in Donnelly River, WA. It was a beautiful small village in the Australian outback we were really in amongst it. Groups of emus just chilling around. An uncountable amount of friendly kangaroos wanting a pat. It was actually my first incounter up close and personal with a kangaroo. On the first night one kept coming toward me and I thought it would hurt me. It wasn’t until daylight that I saw other people patting them, so I gave it a go. Being away from Australia I have really gotten used to the idea that not everything wants to kill you, but as soon as I landed back in Australia everything looked like a snake.

Coffee in Australia is better then any place we have ever been in the world. Taking that first sip was so refreshing! Australians are total legends with coffee.

Cairns is sourrounded by tall mountains and costal beaches. No matter where you live you are a short drive from a freshwater creek, good hike and coffee. We stayed in the valley which feels like a tucked-away hidden place from the rest of Cairns, with great swimming places, natural swings made out of vines, lots of sticks to make a fire and lots of flat, round, smooth rocks to skim in the water. The outdoor entertainment is very relaxing and refreshing and on everyone’s doorstep.

We love travelling! We have been so lucky to be able to explore this world we live in! It’s a beautiful place and I highly recommend to anyone who is curious to get out and explore it. But there is something so special about coming home and seeing friends and family. Those familiar faces, those relationships. Even with all the distance in between us, it’s still like getting dealt the best hand of cards and winning the game! Our hearts feel really full from all the wonderful friendships we have individually with each of you. We still call Australia home.