Jumped on a train and 3 hours later we were in Paris. We went straight to Notre Dame, had a good look at the outside and then bailed because the line was seriously long and we were seriously hungry. We hit up a cute, delicious cafe called Coutume. We wandered the Parisian streets full of pastry smells and stunning buildings with cute windows and ended up at the Eiffel Tower, where again the line was even bigger than the first one. We looked at it and walked under it. It was beautiful and just so cool to see. We then caught a bus to the Louvre where there was no line so we went straight in. People under the age of 26 living in the EU get in for free which is amazing. We searched high and low until we found the Mona Lisa. Did it in under 20 minutes… Nailing life! We found a random place for dinner where we ordered some interesting foods, like raw mince patties. We had dessert at a delicious ice cream place across the road. All their ice cream was hidden, which apparently means it’s the good stuff. They encouraged us to try everything before we brought some. Lastly, we hit up a restaurant/bar called Andy Wahloo and brought more tasty things. The underground metro trains in Paris are weird. You can open the doors and get off while it’s still slowly moving. Also the trains have tires… Strange.


We woke up in the morning and started the day with a bit of cafe hopping! Coffee at Folks and Sparrows. Banana bread at Boot Cafe. Cinnamon swirl and the best soup at Loustic. We were very ready for the day so we went out of Paris city and hit up Versailles and looked at the Castle and the gardens where we ate cheese and baguette.  Before dinner we went to La Triomphe and walked up a million stairs to the top and had a sweet view of Paris. While in one of the café’s earlier on we had found a magazine that had amazing restaurant suggestions for Paris so we decided to hit up Hero for dinner and then street crepes for dessert.


We went shopping for jam and then got brunch at Cafe Marlette for some French vibes. We got a breakfast deal which included coffee, orange juice, pastry and granola… It was good. The street was full of other amazing café’s and food smells. We walked up the steep street which led us to the Sacré-Cœur with views of the city. We headed back through the quaint streets of Paris leading us back home.


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