Just a casual trip to Flippin Rome. During our flight we flew over the French, Swiss and Italian alps filled with mountains sky-high, covered in snow with valleys, rivers and tiny villages in between. Mind blowing to see in real life… You only ever hear about these things! It was so amazing!

 Over the PA the captain said Rome Ciampino original landing airport was closed and we would have to go elsewhere. Nek minute a private jet plane flies up into the air and we are then notified that the airport is open again for us to land. We couldn’t land earlier because the American military closed the airport due to vice president Joe biden leaving in the private plane… yep in the one we saw… What the actual heck! Cool.

Walking anywhere in Rome will take you hours because everything is so beautiful and you can’t just walk by you have to stop and gaze upon everything and take a million photos of the same thing! Catching busses here going over the cobble road is super bumpy, shaky and loud. Every part of you bounces and you can’t talk because the noise will overtake you. There is an amazing metro system that is a smooth ride and all the trains are graffitied all over. Also, it’s absolutely terrifying crossing the road, even at lights and crossings when it’s your right of way… they won’t give way unless you are literally in front of their car… that will really test your confidence. We run and squeal all the way across and hope for the best.

 We have eaten all the tasty things here like pasta, pizza, gnocchi, gelato, cannoli, calzone, salami and cheese. All have been amazing but for sure my fave was gnocchi because we went to the greatest restaurant called “osteria da fortunata” where these 2 ladies sit at the window making pasta all day and chatting to the locals who pass by. It was amazing to watch and even more amazing to eat! They were super friendly and just so happy. Best experience. Gelato was a group favourite, we were recommended a place called “Giolitti”. We found ourselves there every day, and sometimes even twice a day. There were about 40 different flavours. We almost tried them all between us all.

Everywhere you walk there is some kind of ruin or historical monument. There are the super popular ones like the colosseum, the pantheon, Spanish steps, and the mouth of truth just to name a few. My favourite was Circo Massimo a place that used to be for chariot racing and now there is a small part of the ruins left but a massive space covered in pebbles that you can walk all over. If you didn’t know it was a thing you would miss it. It is so cool being able to walk all over Rome and it be as old as it is.

 I guess it’s fair to say we liked Rome!

 Ciao Bella


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