New things have happened! Chris’s sister Kate moved to London and is living with us. Jeffrey came to live with us for a while when he landed from Cairns, so for a while we had a temporary family of me, Chris, Kate and Jeffrey. It was a lovely week of family bonding but then Jeffery left the nest and started work. We miss him, but we are very proud. 

 We made the hardest decision ever since we moved to London. We gave up being Eastenders living in the cool hip east end of London, to move to South East London, into a much fancier house, and nicer neighbourhood… everything is perfect here! But we still love East London the most!

Here we live near 2 train stations, a massive Tesco and the beautiful Greenland dock that is full of ducks, swans and geese. We live on the 3rd story (which is basically the penthouse) we have a big outside balcony with lots of plants which we will turn into a decent food garden as soon as we have some time. We had noticed that our other places in London are all quite boxy… everything was little rooms with their own doors. I missed the the open-plan of the Australian houses we were used to. This place we now live in has a big open-plan kitchen, dinning area and lounge room all together, with a guest bathroom downstairs. Upstairs is 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. So I know what you’re thinking, and yes, 3 toilets means we can all go to the toilet at the same time. Ready, set, go.



Ever since we moved to London we really wanted to find our local, a nice pub near our house, and now we’ve found the perfect one. On the other side of the dock is a great pub called The Moby Dick and we all were so happy when we discovered this beauty. It’s called that because Greenland Dock used to be used by whaling ships coming back from the Arctic, offloading meat and blubber.

It’s been so cool having some new cool people like Kate and Jeffery to show off London to. We did things like Notting Hill, rose lattes, Sunday roasts, speakeasies, Queen of Hoxton – wigwam (which was a sweet roof top that was fairytale themed and had a tree house), Sketch (a place that had cubical pods in the shape of eggs playing space sounds), Colombia road flower markets, and most importantly the Jonathan Ross show, and the Alan Carr show.



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