Surprised everyone, did the red arrow most days, ran the esplanade at night and Thursday’s went on hikes, swam in fresh water, ate so much YOMG, went to Gold Coast, cafe hopping everyday, and doughnut time. Dracula’s haunted house was the funniest experience. I made mum go first and she was jumping and screaming. I was uncontrollably laughing my guts out. It was too funny! Prior to that mum choose to watch scream the TV series which prepared her for the haunted house. I then spent 12 hours in Shanghai confused. 




5 thoughts on “Melting Moments.

    1. Yeah my flight home was amazing! I had a whole row of seats to my self so I could lag down which was amazing! Everyone was helpful in Shanghai. I love being back to the cold and the big city! Also being back to Chris is pretty awesome! It was a sweet time in aus spending time with all you guys! Thanks for being awesome and so nice while I was there!


      1. Thank you for the surprise! Was honestly a blessing to see you and spend some sweet time with you Kim! Can’t wait to see what is in store next 😉


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