Early Sunday morning Chris woke up at 4am to go get our rental car but when he arrived he discovered the shop didn’t open for another 2 hours so sadly he had to wait it out. I entertained him by playing quiz up. Finally 2 hours passed and he went to the shop but learnt that he needed the same credit card he originally booked with, which wasn’t the standard one we use. I got the card and went to meet him (even that took a while as we had used up all his battery playing quiz up) but then we finally got the car, picked up our friends and we were off in our jammed packed car at 11am (originally intended to start at 6:30am… Oh the joy of road trips). Half way we stopped at the Lake District which was super beautiful scenery with massive wind turbines and hills with sheep all over them. We stopped in at Susie’s parents house for delicious food and some space as our car is small. We then set off again into the darkness, passed Glasgow and on to a ferry that took us to Dunoon where we found our super cute cabin in the woods. Such a long day.
 We slept in till midday lazing around in our PJs and Chris read out loud to us from “the Count of Monte Cristo”. It was super dark, super windy and rainy… It even hailed. So we blasted the heaters to keep us cosy and warm. Later we went on an excursion to the supermarket where everyone had Scottish accents it was such a dream being surrounded by these beautiful accents. Marissa chatted up the fishmonger and we have proof… I think he was keen!

We went on an excursion to Glasgow today. We took the scenic drive and it was so majestic. We pulled over to experience some of it. The purpose of the excursion for some was to see Star Wars at the cinema and for others it was to freely adventure around and so we all did what we pleased. We noticed that there was at least 2 redheads minimum working in each store and the music playing was traditional Scottish bagpipes. It was a very successful excursion.

 Today we went on a photo excursion, taking the scenic route to a place that was high on Chris’s to do list… A scotch distillery for a tasting tour. Glengoyne is known as Scotland’s prettiest distillery. They have buildings on each side of the road, and the road is the “whisky border” so they distill it in the highlands but store the casks in the lowlands. Chris loves the taste of single malt scotch but I just can’t appreciate it. It is too powerful for me. It tastes like poison. But it was a fun tour. Chris got a bottle of 12 year old and some whisky fudge. We stopped at a cafe and had some Scottish breakfast tea and it tasted like a tartan kilt…so delicious.

 It ’twas Christmas Day. Early in the morning Chris and I woke up and jumped on everyone to wake them up. Santa had been, the stockings were full, and the milk and brownies had been nibbled. Then santa’s elf (Chris) passed out all the Christmas gifts which was super exciting. Then we cooked up a storm for brunch… It was delicious… and discussed what we could do in the next 5 years. After brunch we took our friends on a secret adventure to an abandoned village that was built in the 70’s for the oil industry, but was never occupied. It was such a great find with a view of the coast, Chris and I were stoked. One of our best urbex adventures. Back to the cabin for some delicious appetisers and the Queen’s speech. Then Christmas dinner watching “A Very Murray Christmas”.



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