It was late one Thursday night when we spontaneously decided to book tickets to spend a whole day in Cambridge starting the next morning. We messaged our friend Rachel to find out all her local knowledge and she really delivered, we did everything she suggested… It went something like this. We woke up early and caught a big train to Cambridge it was a really awesome 1hr 30min ride on the train. When we arrived we went straight to a cafe called “espresso lounge” this is where we had coffee and second breakfast.
After breakfast we went to check out all the different colleges within the uni and see what we could get into. There was lots of cute little areas with grass you couldn’t walk on but everything was so pretty and super old it was impressive. Chris really wanted to see the Faculty of Divinity. When we found it we discovered you could just walk in and look around, so we did. There was an awesome green courtyard outside with stairs leading to a roof so of course we went to check it out and it was super cool, but we didn’t think about how to get back in. The doors were only a one-way and the fence was a big brick wall. It was funny, we walked in the front door but had to break out to exit. The stairs I mentioned were right next to the big wall so we got on top of the wall and climbed a tree down the other side. As we emerged from the bushes and were dusting ourselves off, looking super dodge, a man walked by and went into the building we just broke out of haha.

  We then climbed the biggest hill in Cambridge called Castle Hill to see the view of the city.
It was pretty cool until we reached the top and someone’s breakfast was left up there… A bottle of milk and cereal on the floor. He probably ran off to get a bowl, who knows. For lunch we went to a place called Aromi and they legit served the most tasty pizza. It was super impressive it was hard not to get seconds. Then next door for the best homemade ice cream at “6 ice cream”. I got 2 flavours, maple syrup with pecans and roasted banana. Chris got pear marsala. We then walked around a market and bought some sundried bananas which are amazing. Then off to do the famous punting at sun set. We got on a little punt with a man standing on the back controlling the punt that took us all the way down the river Cam along the backs which is famously known for all the colleges that back on to the canal. The tour guide was super informative with lots of fun history and trivia… Eg in Kings College in the student accommodation there is one room that’s bigger than all the rest and every year it goes to the smartest student and they nickname this room “The Brain Box”.


We then had an early dinner at “The Pint Shop”, it was delicious. We shared roast chicken, pork belly and chips. As it was dark now a lot of things were closed and we had planned to go on a spooky tour but we couldn’t find anyone at the meeting place so we walked along the dark river. We still had so much more time so we went into the cemetery to try find the spooky tour group.

 Cambridge is super cute. It’s full of students that attend the colleges and ride around of the bikes with baskets on the front. It seemed super chill and very relaxed compared to London.


2 thoughts on “C.A.M.B.R.I.D.G.E

    1. Apparently it’s one of the warmest winters here…but to us it’s cold haha…we love the weather! Having lots of fun! Wish you all lived closer!


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