This time last year Chris and I left our home town Cairns and ventured off to the unknown. We felt we really needed to see the world before we decided to settle down and live somewhere for the rest of our lives. This would give us a new look on life, experiencing different cultures and a chance to really grow in a way that your home town can’t help with. 

 First we moved to Brisbane for 4 months to stay close to home and make sure this move was really what we wanted to do before we set off overseas. In Brisbane we had many fun times with family and friends exploring every good coffee shop and street food markets Brisbane had to offer, became secret agents, took the skating life seriously and slowly said goodbye to Australia as we got ready to sail the high seas.

 Second we went to Japan for a month exploring the amazing Tokyo and experiencing the kindness of the Japanese people. Even though we couldn’t verbally communicate all the time they are seriously the kindest people I have met! I loved the streets filled with music and cuteness everywhere you looked. Then we spent time in the country with Chris’ family. Riding bikes around the city, drinking fresh water from the wells, exploring abandoned castles, eating ice-cream everywhere we went, learning how to snowboard, making our first snowman, harassing monkeys, driving on tiny streets, sleeping in random places, getting naked with strangers in Onsens, and tasting heaps of delicious Japanese food.



  Third to the motherland – the UK. We landed in London and were shown instant kindness by strangers at church who invited us to live in their amazing home until we found our own and now they are some of our greatest friends. I was blessed with an amazing job at a cafe called Husk which is where I learnt all my coffee skills and this workplace also came with a community of friends. We are truly so blessed to have found work easily and that a lot of our close friends here I know though work. Summer in London is a dream – the days are so long with perfect weather and blue skies.

Fourth we went to America and saw New York where we ate cronuts, NYC pizza, bagels and found some good coffee. It was cool to walk around all the places we see on movies or hear in the news. Brooklyn was our fav. Washington DC where we saw all the political important things. North and South Carolina and Georgia where we swam in mountain lakes and had the family reunion were we met some of Chris’ family for the first time. We really enjoyed that as they are all so cool and fun to hang with.




  Fifth came back to London and I decided to really find all the good things I could that London has to offer. A few of my favourite things are speakeasies, being in live TV show audiences, sitting right at the front up the top on a double-decker bus, petersham nurseries, every weekend market and supper club at kahalia cafe… The list could go on but I’ll stop it there so you have things to discover when you come visit. Chris took up a new hobby at our local community garden. Every Sunday he goes gardening and loves it. We found a really cool church in a stunning old building with a high steeple that you can see miles away. We’ve been really enjoying services and are starting to make some friends.


Sixth it is our personal mission over here to travel and see as much of the world as we can before returning home. So far we been to Venice, where we caught up with dad and Karen and ate all the tasty Italian things like gnocchi, gelato, risotto, tiramisu, pasta, lasagna and spritz. We have holiday plans coming up which I will write about in future blogs soon! Vienna and Scotland for this year and then start again next year.

We have done a lot in one year! We feel like we have grown as individuals and as a couple! We have been enjoying our time here exploring and meeting new people! But we do miss all our lovely family and friends from home who are welcome to visit and stay with us! Familiar friendly faces are always nice to see.

If you want to know more about any of the things I talked about you can find them in previous blogs:)


One thought on “One Year.

  1. Hi Chris and Kim, What a wonderful surprise I got with your great travelling story. I have enjoyed every part of it and think you are a very lucky couple and doing all the right things travelling to so
    many interesting places. I am so glad everything is working out for you and that you are doing lots in the U.K. now. I am glad you are seeing Scotland and visiting our relatives there. I did hear from Kate that she was very
    excited to be joining you this month. I had the pleasure of Anne joining me for Christmas for a short holiday.
    We had the usual wonderful fireworks on NYE but I am now at the stage of watching the Sydney show on T.V.
    I also had Kylie here as she very kindly came to stay after my sister’s funeral in November as she thought I might
    be lonely. She also put some photos on my TV of the wonderful time she had in America at the big Gillis Reunion,
    and I saw you two in quite a number of shots. Will be more than happy to hear from you at any time.

    Love and thanks from Nana.


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