We went to Venice for the weekend to surprise dad. Karen had planned this amazing surprise months ago and set it all up… She pulled it off so well that dad had no idea! Even to the point when we got there we were walking next to Karen and dad didn’t even realise it was us haha. It was so nice to hangout with family. Thank you Karen and Dad.

Venice really is a magical dream, covered in cobblestone and seems to be built like a maze, which was fun. The canals are the streets and boats are their transport. I loved walking down alleys that people lived in as they would hang out their laundry on a line outside their window. My fav was when curtains or sheets were out as they would blow in the wind so nicely. Coming to Italy there are things you must eat… Pasta, pizza, gnocchi, risotto, seafood, gelato, tiramisu and of course, their coffee. We tried them all. We also tried what everyone was drinking, Campari Spritz (which is definitely an acquired taste 😁 ) and Chris tried Grappa. We explored the whole island of Venice in one day and spent most of the day eating. Our greatest achievement there was buying an enormous rope of liquorice.

 Burano is another island close by and also in the Venetian lagoon. This place is similar in that it has canals and no cars on the island but one thing that is super cool about this island is that every house is a different colour to the next… On any bad day I would recommend coming here! It would make anyone happy. It was a small island but has so much to see and eat. The story I was told about this island is “The fisherman would come home drunk and go to the wrong house so they painted each house different colours so they could find their house.” Burano is famous for lace-making, and there was on old lady with plenty of granny-swag showing us how it’s done.

Lastly we hit up Lido, a long thin island that forms the border of the lagoon. You can walk across it from the lagoon to the Adriatic Sea. This place had roads and cars. We went to see the beach and it had so many of those beach shacks lined up in a row, all white. The ropes into the water are for people that can’t swim so they can get in and hold on to the rope and they will be safe.



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