We caught the district line out to Richmond, got off the train and basically stepped into heaven. The first stop we made was of course a coffee shop. This one was called “butter beans”. Inside they were selling Australian soft drinks like Bundaberg ginger beer… So cool! This is one of the many things that remind us of home sweet home. After that we ventured off to find the riverside which was beautiful and full of ducks, rowers, and heaps of amazing spots to sit and enjoy the view. We walked from the train station to a place called Petersham Nursery. Google took us on the most amazing walk through the cute secret gardens and pathways full of wild blackberries for us to pick and munch on… This place was a dream. Once we arrived at Petersham It was full of lanes with beautiful flowers and cute green houses and seats scattered throughout the garden to sit and a very cute cafe with tasty treats. Walking around in there was so peaceful and just such a lovely time! We went to the cafe and ordered Silver Needle White Tea with two delicious muffins on the side. One was Cinnamon and Marmalade the other was a Chocolate Marble. We went and sat inside one of the greenhouses to sip our posh tea and had the most relaxing enjoyable time. After tea we went and explored the gardens again as they were just so beautiful and we didn’t wanna miss out on seeing anything. During this second glance of the Nursery we found heaps of window mirrors so we took a photo in each one. Then it was lunch time and we hit up the cafe again and got these two amazing, perfectly-made salads and a delicious drink – elderflower sparking water. This time we sat outside near a cute water feature. When it was time to go it was hard as we had definitely found our new favourite place!

 We started catching a bus back and along the way we saw our two favourite words. “Farmer’s Market”. We got straight off the bus and went there. It was the cutest little market with amazing everything! We walked around to every stall tasting everything. We ended up buying a salted caramel brownie, banana muffin GF and DF, they were both made so well. Now that we had seen Richmond we headed back home and went to dinner at a friend’s place where we had the best Mexican food! For dessert we took turns smashing a piñata open. Such a good day.

 The next morning we went to one of our favourite places, The Camden Markets, where we tasted all the good things then brought what we thought was best which was a chicken tikka wrap. Chris had his first coffee of the day here at the markets he enjoyed it but 30mins later he needed another one… The first one wasn’t strong enough I guess. We caught a train to meet up with a friend. While waiting Chris needed that 2nd coffee so we walked over the road, through a park to the other side to get this coffee which made us late for our plans and our friend. We basically ran to where we were meant to be and found our friend… Lucky she was forgiving! She didn’t even punch Chris. We took her to a location we had told her about all week but we wouldn’t tell her what we were doing there… When we got there even though Chris and I knew what we were doing, we thought we had the wrong address as it looked like a normal house being renovated! To our surprise it was the right location. The Hidden Rooms… It was very well hidden. The Hidden Rooms is a awesome place where you get locked in a themed room and you have 1 hour to try figure out how to escape trying to find all the clues that lead to more clues to help you get out. Our first task we were put in a pitch black room and had to find the lights. Once we had the lights on there were 6 or so boxes with padlocks on them and we had to cleverly figure out the code to get into them… We were trying to find the key for the last box when we were told our time was up 😦 we were unsuccessful this time! But it was heaps of fun!

Finally what happened on the actual Bank Holiday. We had planned to go to the The Notting Hill Carnival we got there and it was empty and raining so we had a little look and then diced! Instead we went to Covent Garden to teach our friend about tea and also buy some. There are two amazing tea shops here that have a million tasters which make the shopping experience for tea so much fun. Before this experience our friend thought that tea tasted bland and much like hot water… She is way into coffee and missed out on the tea side of things. So we smelt and tasted all sorts of tea from white,black,cold,hot,sparking,infused. She now totally appreciates tea a lot more and sees it in a different way! So glad to help people appreciate the small things in life. Tea tasting was way more fun then the carnival. We left the tea shop with two types of tea. The first was afternoon tea which is a black tea with green, bergamot & petals. The second was Garden Party which is an oolong tea with fruity flavours. Both were so lovely.



2 thoughts on “B.A.N.K   H.O.L.I.D.A.Y

    1. petersham was such a magical place! We loved it so much! And will for sure be back! You could spend hours there and be happy about it! It’s such a special place!


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