One final day in America so we headed back up to NYC. This time staying in Brooklyn in the burb called Williamsburg aka billyburg. This side of town has such a different feel to Manhattan! Way less traffic. You could walk across the road with out getting hit by a car, it’s not proven but just saying. It was super chill and had heaps of cool looking cafes with very hopeful coffee inside them all. Wait, wait , wait, I am getting ahead of myself… Let me start from the beginning.

We landed in NYC late Friday night. Took our bags straight to the airbnb and headed out for dinner to a place had been highly recommended to us. It was called Mabel’s Smoke House. It was styled really cool and just good vibes all around. Chris and I shared some epic ribs and man I recommend this place. Them ribs so perfectly cooked and full of flavour! Afterwards we went to a speakeasy that we don’t remember the name off. It was very minimally signed, so you wouldn’t know it was there unless you knew it was there… you know? :p It was dimly lit as we walked down a long corridor into another room that was massive and surprisingly not very packed for a Friday night. It was super cold and friendly… We had a cool time. 

The next day of course we went straight to a coffee shop. Our first attempt wasn’t successful so we yelped and went to Toby’s Estate which is an Aussie brand… that’s always a safe bet. Also we found the shop they used to film Rufus’ art gallery in gossip girl. Walking around Williamsburg is like heaven with sprinkles. Chris and I are totally in love…. With Williamsburg. It’s the place to be and the place to go! While walking in Williamsburg we saw a cool sign for c3 church, which is Australian too. Aussies are killing it here! While driving in the south we had seen so many cheesy church signs using puns and rhyming slogans. It was nice to finally see a sign that was simple and sincere. I think it is so much more effective. 

 We hopped a train to Manhattan where we discovered Dylan’s Candy Bar… This is also a place gossip girl was filmed in. It’s where Nelly Yuki spies on Dan and Vanessa. We went in and it was so bright and colourful with two stories of candy. There was also a third level with a cafe so we went up. This place was so magical and cool! I felt like a big child, I was really having a good time. The table we sat in was a cupcake shape, it was so fun sitting in a cupcake. On the wall was a TV playing willy wonka. Watching willy wonka while sitting in a cupcake made sense. We ordered a peanut butter and salted caramel thickshake to share and it was mind-blowing. The walls had lollies all over them, they probably tasted good too, but we refrained from licking them. 

We caught a tramway to a cool little island called Roosevelt Island that is right in the middle of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It’s such a nice quiet island, nothing to really do there except have amazing views of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The thing that really intrigued us was that there is an abandoned asylum/hospital. It was so beautiful with a big fence around it… and unfortunately cameras too… No exploring today. Walking on the island was so beautiful and relaxing compared to the busy bustling side of Manhattan. 

We visited The Museum Of Sex. It was super interesting and cool! It’s kinda not what you think! There were these cool interactive installations that were fun. There was a sweet mirror room that allowed only one person at a time… Mirrors everywhere, it was pretty cool. Then a super pitch black room with a red flickering light. There was this frozen cave where lovers are meant to step into and warm it up by holding and and hugging… If it’s true love it will help melt the ice. Now for the last coolest part of the whole experience we got to go on a jumping castle that has heaps of boobs all in it. The jumping castle was cool as it was 2 people at a time and you get to bounce for one minute… Felt like for ever we were so worn out. Need to do some cardio when we get home.  

For lunch we finally found this amazing place that sold Southern Waffles. We have been recommended this from our friendly southern friends. Sadly we did not find any when we were down in the south so we tried them here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at a place called Sweet Chick. We ordered chicken and waffles to share and some iced tea. The perfectly made waffles were served with fried chicken and we couldn’t stop eating it was so flipping good! Chris said he would get fat living there because of them. The iced tea was so well-made also… it was such a fine experience that we tipped good. 

Now it’s time to saw goodbye to NYC and the USA, and head back to our new home in London. We’ve got more travel planned though, so stay tuned! 🙂

Here is some cool street art. 



3 thoughts on “Uptown downtown turn the beat around town.

  1. Loving your posts! But may have missed out on the information that you made London your home now? For good?? Or just for a year?
    Anyway – am enjoying being part of your adventures!!


    1. We have a 5 year ancestry visa so we plan to stay and get residency then decide where to live after that. Will see how we go! Atm we both have amazing jobs we love and have made a small group of friends and attend a nice church. Chris’ younger sister is moving in with us soon it will be nice to have some familiar faces around. We miss everyone in cairns and so sad Aus is so far away!


  2. Hey! We have a 5 year visa… So for now we are living here in London! If we continue to enjoy it then we will be here for awhile. We have lived here since Easter weekend of this year. Thanks for reading the blog! We love sharing what we are doing! And keeping people up to date!


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