Gossip girl is my favourite TV series. So while we were in NYC we decided to explore and try find some of the places. So we headed for the upper east side. For me and Gilly it was seriously cool as are are super gossip girl fans! 

First,  the coolest thing is that we found out that the street we stayed on was the street used in the show. For other fans you will knows this…flash back thanks giving when dan buys and pie and sees Serina stumble out of a cafe on to the street to he goes to save her and drops his pie.

We really had such a blast exploring Manhattan.

Waldorf residience. 

Chucks buys the empire hotel. 

 Empire State Building. 

“Spotted S getting off the train at grand central” 

Constance-St. Jude’s. The front steps and courtyard was filmed at the musum of the City of New York. 

“No one can sit higher then me on the met steps” 

Bethesda Fountian and terrace – Blair finds Serina here . 

Bethesda Fountian and terrace a lot of people busk under here and it sounds amazing. 

Wollman Rink – Blair goes skating here with her dad and roman…during summer it turns into this park with rides:) and in winter it’s a skating rink. 

Church of St Ignatius Loyola where Blair goes to confess . (Seriously the most beautiful church)


Conservatory water which is used for “model boat sailing” was where Jenny found herself in the middle of a drug deal with damion. 



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