After waking up in London at 6am we arrived in JFK airport at 2pm (7pm British time). We had a long day ahead of us. As soon as we got off the plane the heat hit us in the face, it was so sticky and smelly and everyone had bad B.O…including us. First we caught the train straight to our air BnB. Then straight out heading towards times square where our photo was on a massive billboard straight away! We hit up a diner for some dinner. It was way too greasy, but had brilliant service. Then we went to Hillsong and to our surprise sat 4 seats away from the the only person we could have known there, another Aussie named Celeste. The beautiful thing about church is no matter where you are in the world, on Sunday you have family. NYC has it going on.
Afterwards, we got a big juice and went to bed at 11pm which was 4am London time…we almost did an all nighter. 



On our second day we lathered on sunscreen and went out on an adventure into the scorching heat NYC had to offer. First to battery park where we could see the Statue of Liberty, really far away but super cool! On our way we stopped at our first street van and got a BIG fresh juice. Then headed to the Brooklyn bridge, which was stunning. There were other bridges that all look the same, but this one stands out. One thing NYC taught us was to always be prepared for unusual things good or bad. Walking along the bridge we came across a super sad scene where a man had died on the sidewalk. He was lying  with his eyes wide open, right under the brutal sun, with an officer standing over him waiting for others to come help. It was so sad! Reaching the other end of the bridge we saw the paramedics were on their way to the scene. After crossing the bridge, we were in Brooklyn and hit up “Brooklyn roasters” where Chris got a piccolo and I requested the biggest coolest icy water as we were sweaty and so hot. For lunch we had some street food and a bagel, both so flipping amazing. After Brooklyn we took a train out to Coney Island where we had ice cream and went on a giant swing ride. The swing went so high up in the sky and really fast. We felt free and alive. It took us back, and we felt like little kiddies having the time of our lives on this swing. I think it was a magic swing! So devo we didn’t bring swimmers as the beach looked so good as it was so hot! We were melting so much we splashed water on our heads. Then went back home for a shower and quick nap in the ac to get cool again. So the quick nap turned into a 3 hour nap, which meant it was dinner time so we got up and went straight to get a NYC pizza. The pizza was so flipping huge and delicious, the man that served us was wearing board shorts in a fancy restaurant. We drank two big glasses of water with dinner. Afterwards we hit up Taylor Swift’s house but she wasn’t there 😦 She was in Chicago on her world tour…her loss. So instead we went off to see “One World Trade Center” and  the two memorial pools of the twin towers. Then we to the charging bull in the financial district representing America’s financial ability. Supreme Court (I think that’s where Judge Judy works). We found the NYC stock exchange building on Wall Street with epic security around the whole block. 

 Third day was still hot, but for most of the day it was a lot cooler, as there was so many clouds covering the sun which was nice. We went straight to the best cafe called Two Hands it was super cute, friendly staff, perfect coffee and delicious food! We were off to a good start. We then headed to the upper east side and Central Park. The big iconic land marks that we visited that are super important and cool were Grand Central Station, Empire State Building, Flatiron Building, and all the best bits of Central Park. Our feet were so tired after all that walking so we headed home for a lay down and some aircon, this time only for a short rest! Then we were off to Chelsea Markets for dinner, we had the most delicious Thai food, it tasted like peanut butter…our favourite. Then walked to the high line which is such an amazing part of Manhattan! It’s this amazing long piece of high train bridge, now turned into a beautiful park and some of the original train tracks are still there. But this place had such a beautiful view and was just super cute all over! 

  Today was a leaving day and we only had half of the day to do a few important things in Manhattan, like get breakfast and coffee! We walked around near to where we stayed and found a pretty coffee shop called ” Irving farm coffee roasters” where we shared a salmon bagel. Then we walked to the best cronut place in NYC, that’s like a must do! It was the most delicious thing we have ever tasted and deffs the best cronut ever! They really know what they are doing! We shared this cronut experience and in that first bite we were in heaven. It was a lemon flavour with small cute icing on top with had a delicious magical flavour in the middle oozing out of it. There was a long line but it was worth it. Then we headed to our bus which was taking us to D.C.



One thought on “New York, New York, What A Wonderful Town.

  1. You two are precious! Feels like I got to go on the holiday with you both by reading all of your lovely words and seeing the pictures. By the way – I thought the pizza was going to swallow you up. Absolutely massive! I forgot how we Americans made food…


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