Here in London all public holidays are called “bank holidays”. We have had heaps of them since we have been here but this particular bank holiday we did it right for the first time! We took a train to Brighton Beach and spent the whole day there. First and most important we hunted for good coffee. No one uses Bean Hunter here, they use Yelp, so we jumped on and found the perfect place. I can’t tell you the name because I can’t remember it. Then we headed straight to the beach. We haven’t seen a beach since we left Australia so this was a special time! But also a whole new experience. The beaches are so different here. There are small pebbles instead of sand so when the waves wash up on the shore it makes a beautiful noise. You can wear your shoes on the beach with out a worry BUT when you walk bare foot it’s terrible. I couldn’t do it. Well, I did, but it was a struggle. We checked out the old west pier that collapsed and caught on fire. The old ruins are still there as they are heritage listed. It’s so beautiful! 

   Then we headed over to the famous Brighton Pier. We walked the whole length on the beautiful jetty through the arcades and out to the end where all the rides are. We came across a haunted house attraction and so we had to go in! It was a roller coaster styled one not a walk through but we still enjoyed its non scary set up and screamed the whole way for fun. There was one weird part where it was pitch black and there was string or something hanging out and it went all over our face. That felt so weird. 

       Afterwards we were ready for lunch and so you know what that calls for…traditional fish and chips. So we hit up good old Yelp to tell us the best recommendation for the best chippy and it reckoned “Harry Ramsden”. We ordered battered cod and chips. Here all the chips are served unsalted. We saw all the locals preparing their chips in a certain way, so we decided to copy them. When it was our turn and our order was ready we hit up the side bench. We put salt all over our chips and drizzled vinegar all over and BAM that’s how it is done here. We headed to the beach to eat our traditional lunch. Surprisingly it was delicious but still the fish was oily and we prefer it less oily. 

   The whole time we were there we had only seen 10 people get in the water and no one lasted very long. We were prepared as we brought our swimmers and so we had to get in! It took us two tries before anything happened because it was so cold. Any bit of your body that was in the water for longer then 5 seconds became numb. BTW it was 15 degrees out side and the water was even colder. On the second attempt Chris jumped straight in and got straight out to get warm. Meanwhile for me I got knee deep but I was struggling to even walk because of the pebbles. My sensitive feet couldn’t take it. After the freezing cold swim we hit up the best ice cream store, got an ice cream each and stood in the sun to warm up. 

     After all that we caught a bus all the way to a beautiful place called “Beachy Head” where there are massive white chalky cliffs along the beach for miles. We walked along and found a perfect spot for a little rest and a picnic. We had our picnic in the exact spot that was featured in the movie Quadrophenia… You know, where the scooter goes off the edge? Then we explored a beautiful random not really maintained garden. There were rabbits everywhere but they were all too quick so we couldn’t get a photo. But we made a random video…all our weird random videos are on YouTube. 

           On the way back to the train station to catch the train home we came across a secret garden that had the most beautiful building in it and heaps of people having picnics and laying on the grass soaking up the sun. Of course we found the secret way to get in and then we walked out the normal main entrance.  

   It was such a perfect little day full of so much greatness! It’s really cool to see the real life version of the photos you see, and dream of visiting, as you make your Pinterest board.


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