The Seven noses of soho is an artistic installation of noses found on random buildings in London in the suburb Soho. Chris and I went on an adventure to find these noses .We didn’t have a lot of time and so we only found 2 of them. We plan to go back and find the rest. It won’t be the last time you hear about this! 
   I discovered a place called “La bodega negra”. Originally I found it on the Internet while searching about London. It described itself in a very interesting way that grabbed my attention quite quickly! Chris and I are into really unusual things, we really like to experience new things that are fun and crazy. This restaurant from the outside looks like an adult shop. Walking by that’s what you would think it is! The main entrance is dark and a man asks if you have a reservation. There is no indication that the place is a restaurant and unless you’re in the know you would get scared off. So Chris and I made a booking. We walked in, gave our names to the man in the dark room, and a lady took our coats. Then there was a big set of stairs with a red neon sign directing us to go down. At the bottom you meet another lady who then takes you to your seat in this dimly lit room where there are other tables with other people. It’s a fancy restaurant with delicious Mexican food and great service! So basically it’s just a fancy Mexican restaurant with a deceiving entrance with nothing to do with an adult shop at all! If you ever come to London it’s a must do! 

         Another place we found is called “The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town”. It’s a secret classy bar that sells drinks and food. You enter in from another cafe that’s on the top level so if you didn’t know about the secret bar underneath then you would never know! The cafe on top is called “The Breakfast Club”. You walk in the entrance and you have to wait to be seated. When it’s your turn you have to say to the waiter the secret password and instead of giving you a place to sit they take you over to what looks like a fridge but is actually a secret door. You have to sneak in quickly so no one will even notice. The waiter then takes you downstairs to a dark space that has pumping music and other people in there chatting away. It had a really cool vibe we loved it! To leave you go back up but you don’t leave the same way you come in or someone might see you and be suspicious! So you exit through another door that takes you to the cafe’s toilets and walk out as if you were just in the bathroom… leaving everyone unaware of what just happened. 



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