We caught up with friends in London that we used to hang out with in Cairns. We hit up the Camden Town markets together for some fresh vegan food. We went exploring our way around the massive markets, squeezing through all the other millions of people that were there… It’s always nice to see familiar faces.  

Whenever we are walking around London to where we need to go, we can’t help but take photos of everything because it’s just so beautiful! I think I have taken the same photo of the London Eye 3 separate times, on different days.  


Chris and I had a brilliant idea of going out to Southbank with our iPad to watch Harry Potter, but the Internet failed us. So we went on a merry go round instead and we had way too much fun.  


For all you that need a little more Gillis in their lives hit up Chris’ YouTube channel. Don’t expect anything fancy, it’s just us with our terrible quality filming skills having fun. Family should enjoy and anyone else is welcome to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/user/thechrisgillis  .These videos are made on the request of my sister Lisa, so please enjoy. 


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