We don’t know many people here in London yet, but we do have a small handful of friends. I met up with one to explore the city, her name is Beth. We first met each other in Cairns through a mutual friend. We started off our day at a cafe I had accidentally found on the Internet called “The Attendant”. Before it was ever a cafe the space was used for an underground Victorian toilet, built in the 1890’s. The cafe decided to keep the original porcelain urinals and turn them into individual coffee benches. There are 7 individual urinals that have been cleaned and kept in perfect condition… Obviously they are not used for their original purpose any more. They serve perfect coffee and delicious baked goods with a few other things.  


Afterwards we hit up the M&M shop. There was every colour M&M you could imagine, with free samples and lots of human bodies making it a busy place… I still got my free sample. Then we walked to South bank where we searched for “Diagon Alley”. We are pretty sure we found it. Afterwards we visited Tate Modern. Our favourite part was a pitch black room. You walk in carefully because you can’t see anything and they are playing the sound of lots of voices so it sounds like there are people all around you. Then they turn the lights on and off really quickly so you get a glimpse of the room you are in and where people are. Once you see the room you can move around a little bit less carefully. It would be great for a game of hide and seek. On our way back I asked Beth to take us to walk over the London bridge. She asked “would you rather walk over the tower bridge?” but I was keen on the London bridge. As we approached, to my disappointment, we weren’t on the bridge I wanted to go on. I was so confused. She then informed me that the boring bridge we were on was the actual London Bridge and the bridge we could see across the river (which most people think is the London Bridge) is actually called “The Tower Bridge”. I was terribly confused for a long time and I wasn’t convinced until we came across the sign on the bridge we were standing on. Afterwards I googled all about the two bridges and it is true! After hours and hours of walking everywhere our legs were finished for the day so we parted our ways, till next time. 


We had some Aussie friends passing through London and we were able to catch up for some delicious Vietnamese food and thickshakes. It was a really nice time to see and hang out with friends as we haven’t in a while since leaving Aus. We love and miss our Aussie friends…so please come visit us any time. The fashion here is so good. Because it’s cold you can wear layers. Men wear vests, suit jackets, long coats, matching socks, even perfect-looking man bags…they really go all out. Chris froths at this type of fashion and can’t wait to buy his first coat.


We had a busy day searching online for a place to live. We visited two different places and the second one was perfect with such a big room! It’s right in central London, walking distance to tower bridge, and at a perfect price. We are so ready to finally unpack and start living like normal without 2 big suitcases and 2 backpacks following us around. We are still keen to take trips around Europe and UK, but we’ll travel light with just our backpacks. To celebrate this amazing accomplishment we hit up “the cereal killer cafe” for some top notch cereal from all over the world. 



2 thoughts on “When In London 

    1. Yeah we live in London now. And if we can handle the winter, EE plan on staying here for awhile. We have a 5 year visa. Do you have plans to visit London in 2 years? I don’t know if you have been… But it’s seriously amazing here. We really love it.


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