After a long 12 hour flight we finally landed in the UK. The plane ride was great because we had the best economy seats, with leg room for days, and there was a big space at the back where we went a lot to stretch and just stand up. We even made a short film just for fun. People thought we were strange but we were entertained. We watched a bunch of movies and ate all food that was included on board. 

We got off the plane, bought an Oyster, then headed straight to our accommodation and fell asleep. The next morning we caught the tube and a bunch of busses..the busses here are so much fun. If we have a long bus ride we sit up the top and the views are just so cool. We hit up Soho, where we found delicious coffee at speakeasy and found a cool little diner where we had brekky. It was so tasty and really cool vibes in there. Afterwards we headed to Westminster Abbey where we checked out the Big Ben and a bunch of cathedrals that had the most beautifully detailed artwork all over them. We hit up a supermarket where we bought some snacks for the weekend and then hit up a pub for a meal. At the pub Chris got food poisoning and it was terrible, so we had a early night but during the night there was a murder (just just a mafia reference). It’s a gross time but what an accomplishment for Chris. I know, such a terrible thing to celebrate, but Chris vomited for the first time since he was 12. So you can imagine how the next day started. Laying in bed for hours and hours. We ended up just staying in bed basically all day. Even though I wasn’t sick it was probably good because of jet lag.

We tried to visit Hillsong London (dominion theatre) but the line was out the door and around the corner. I mean that’s great for all the real Christians committed to line up for church, but we didn’t because ain’t nobody got time for that! (Jokes). We just caught a bus and went to the next closest one which was in Bermondsey and it was a good size, friendly people and no line… just how we like it.

Today was one of those special days where the sun comes out, the clouds go away, and we get a clear blue sky. Here a day like that is so rare that when it happens everyone comes out to play. The popular thing to do is hit up a park and have a picnic, lay in the sun and just soak up every second of this perfect day. So we hit up Hyde’s Park with fresh juices and toastie sandwiches and then walked around this gigantic park towards Kensington palace where William and Kate live. We hit up their house and played on the lawn. They were not home so we just let ourselves in anyway… maybe next time we can catch them.

When leaving Japan it was cherry blossom season, but we didn’t really have enough time to see many of them in full bloom. During our exploring in London we found that there are cherry blossoms here. So it seems we got to London just in time for cherry blossom season. It was a nice surprise, because they are so beautiful and my favourite colour pink.

Thanks to the game Monopoly all the places here are so familiar. When I see the names written on the train lines I can remember which colour they are on the board game. It feels like I am playing real life monopoly… I like it here. 



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