There were 8 of us and we squished ourselves into a small booth with not much room to move and we ate till we were all full of sushi and it cost us under $40… All together.  


I once experienced some of Yayoi Kusama’s art work in Brisbane at GOMA. I am lucky enough to be staying where she is originally from, which means the local art gallery here always has her stuff in it. I have talked to a few people about her art work and all the people here respond with how much they don’t like her. I don’t know much about her, all I know is she is an amazing artist and I really enjoy her fun interactive pieces that you can be a part of and go inside. I was trying to explain to Chris “I don’t like going to a normal boring art gallery where you just look at photos, I want to be in them” and he replied “I know you do”. I wasn’t talking about myself being in pictures, though I do like to be in them. But I meant like walking into a room with every inch of it covered in colours, or something cool. There was a particular room that had mirrors all over it. It was dimly lit with pretty lights. We had Chris’ brother and his partner with their little girl with us, so we were playing around with her in the mirror room. She was following her dad and lost sight of him. Then she saw a mirror image of him and ran straight for him, which meant running straight into to mirror. It was terrible, but we all couldn’t stop laughing. She handled it very well.  


We headed out to Gokayama for a one night trip. We went through about 15 different tunnels and the biggest one was 11km long. It went straight though a mountain saving us so much time. Along the way we made a stop at a massive mountain, where they have a cave inside of the mountain. We paid $10 to go in and it was really cool, but we weren’t fully prepared for this as there were heaps of stairs and uphill bits of the walk. We were puffed by the end of it but it was a good stretch between all the driving. The coolest bit was that we were inside the actual mountain where it was cold and dark. It was like a way better version of the red arrow. Toward the end is a big statue of a penis which was the guard of the cave. Penises are everywhere here. It’s so bizarre to us but so normal and common to them. We stayed in an Gassho style Japanese house with straw type roofs. We shared the space and enjoyed meals with some random people from the UK that we are now friends with. When we arrived there were piles of snow everywhere and all the fields where full of snow. People had made igloos and other cool sculptures with the snow. We went on a walking track through the snow and up a hill to see the view. After we grabbed sleds and went sledding down a hill. That was so much fun and such a great time with my Gilly. This place was in the middle of nowhere, meaning no shops with we searched all the small gift shops and found a packet of kitkats..I could prob do a day without chocolate, but knowing there is none scared me and made me need it. At dinner time we all sat around an indoor fire place with our new friends, where a lovely Japanese lady made us dinner. There was fish on a stick, cooking in the fire place and then she brought out small tables with all tasty bits and pieces on it. It was delicious and such a fun time. We chatted for hours then went to bed. In the morning, the lady made us breakfast and then we went outside where it was snowing like real big snow flakes. So Chris and I went and built a snowman. Our first attempt was terrible, we really didn’t have a clue. We ended up just making a face in the snow and we were going to settle for that. But then Chris’ dad gave us a snowman lesson so we were able to complete the task… Olaf would be proud. After that, Chris chop-suied him down and then we were off. On the way back we stopped at a free hot-spring foot bath. It was so relaxing and refreshing, even though it was so freezing outside it was worth it. 




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