Chris and I left the land down under to visit the land of the rising sun. My first time over the seas and  Chris’ first time traveling overseas without a return flight home.  Yay for first times.

We are very adventurous people and as a couple this is the BIGGEST adventure we have embarked on together..there was that one time we drove around Australia but this exceeds that distance. We are all in. Go hard or go home. Japan here we are. #keepingupwiththegillises

Toyko at this time of year is apparently getting warmer, but of course us Australians are still freezing our pants off and think it’s cold. I have really enjoyed this experience of being cold. On our first day we went into Shibuya where the famous crossing is and it was beautiful. Full of people and heaps of kawaii things. The best thing that I liked about the cities is that there are speakers on most light poles playing beautiful music everywhere you go. We visited the imperial gardens where we saw the start of cherry blossoms coming out…so beautiful. When it was time for lunch we found a skinny set of stairs going underground…so of course we followed them and found a kawaii small warm place where we shared Ramen. The streets are filled with tasty goodness so we couldn’t help ourselves, we brought a crepe. Exploring the streets there are many things and big tall buildings but our fav bit is that there is also heaps of underground things. We found another set of cool stairs and we followed people down as we didn’t know what it was…. 3 stories underground we found a comic book store that was just epically huge and surprisingly full of people. Then we tried Japan coffee yep that’s all I will say. We wanted to fit in so we also slept on trains. We went on a monorail that didn’t have any driver. It was on a track run by power and we sat right at the front. It blew my mind, I felt like I was on a slow roller coaster. A lot of the train stations we used are crazy massive and go 5 stories underground. So the elevator has buttons that go down to B5..B meaning basement….basement levels are very common all over Toyko.

We visited Harajuku and went to Takeshita Street which is full of cute, pretty and tasty things but busy on weekends and there are always girls who dress up really crazy cool for no particular reason except to have fun, I really loved being surrounded by all of this cuteness.

“Everything’s kawaii,. Everything is cute when you live in Japan”…It helps to sing it for you to understand.


This is my first experience being so naked by myself with hundred of other ladies…since I was born:) I was very nervous as in Australian culture bring naked is not a normal casual thing even talking about nakedness is weird. So there are separate boys and girls changing room where you get down to only your undies and put on a Yukata robe, then walk into a shared zone that had a massive food court and fun things to do. We first tried a foot bath where Chris and I could go together. There is a footpath with different patterns of big and small rocks to walk over with 40 degrees hot in shallow water out in the freezing cold air. It’s lovely but you do get very cold which was perfect as we then visited what we really came for, the Onsen. So we went our separate ways as I ventured off into the girls-only area. I was nervous as I don’t understand any Japanese writing and only five words in speaking maybe. So I just had to watch and follow.. You get 2 towels and a locker to put EVERYTHING in. It was weird but because it’s normal here it wasn’t a big deal. Chris gave me instructions before I came in which helped! So there are shower stations where you wash your everything head to toe. Then once you’re clean, head over to one of the 10 different very hot pools inside and relax. I experienced every inside pool then found a outside one which was great because it was so freezing outside. You don’t look at people, your’re aware of them but you keep to yourself. After, you shower again and then there is hair and make-up stations for you to prepare yourself again for the outside world.

I highly recommend it! The best way is to stop thinking about it and just do it and it’s less scary and once you do it then you’re hooked! It’s the best experience.

We all have different culture, skin colour and language which separates us, but in an Onsen we all look the same and are made the same. It’s just a cool thing, maybe just for me as I am in a country I can’t speak much in or read in…I really stand out! Unless you’re staying at a hostel you don’t see many other foreigners as Japan is very populated. So being in an Onsen I felt more connected and a part of everything with people I hadn’t even spoken to and most likely never will.

Leaving Australia.

Shibuya crossing.

Pink crepe place.

Ramen for two.

  Train times.


Tokyo Lesiureland

Toyko Metropolitan Government Building.


Imperial Gardens

Onsen bath room.

Corn flavour chips.

Comic book store


Indoor shopping centre set up like the outside.

Lady GaGa.


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